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Welcome to Kutch-Bhuj

Kutch region of Gujarat is known world over for its extremely diverse flora and fauna, the culturally rich tribal natives and their unique arts and crafts. Life is celebrated here in its many forms, the colourful attire of the locals against the pristine white of the Rann of Kutch paints a flamboyant canvas. The region celebrates The Rann Utsav each year with much fanfare and gaiety attracting thousands of tourists each day of the Festival. Bhuj was the capital city of the princely state of Kutch, deriving its name from a hill called Bhujiyo Dungar which it is flanked by on one side while the other side is bracketed by The Hamirsar Lake. Bhuj boasts of the presence of many opulent palaces and thoughtfully curated art and craft museums. The tribal life in and around the Bhuj / Kutch region is diverse and unique with each tribe preserving and carrying on its traditional art generations after generations. The Banni Grasslands offer a distinctive experience of witnessing the vast open grasslands dotted by the Mud Huts or Bhungas of the Natives where hand embroidered masterpieces are turned out each day. Welcome to this mystical land that has so much to offer to the discerning traveller.